Success Stories

In a year, thousands of people gained access to health.

  • I was gaining weight and losing weight for 22 years and that sitatuation causes many illnesses. I was trying to get use to this unhealthy life till I met with Dr. Erol Vural. I was very anxious but he helped me to calm down with his powerful energy and the operation was successful. After the operation my first night was painless and at the second day i started to walk. Now its my 14th day and i lost 7,5 kilograms already. Im very happy about my decision to trust Dr. Erol Vural. I highly recommends him to everyone who wants to lose weights.

  • I consulted to Dr. Erol because of my diabetes and obesity. After examining me, he explained me that Mini Gastric Bypass surgery will be the best cure for me. 4 months passed and i lost 32 kilograms. My diabetes is ok now and my tension is normal too. First month after the surgery was a little bit difficult but now i fel really good. I recommend Dr. Erol to every people if they want to lose weight.

    Remzi Kotan
  • I was thinking about sleeve gastrectomy surgery for a long time. I searched about the prices and the doctors. A friend of me recommended Dr. Erol Vural. I have contacted him and he examined me. Last month i had the surgery and i lost 13 kilograms till now. I am satisfied with the interest of my doctor.

    Hamza C.
  • 1 month left after the surgery and i am 136 kilograms now. I was 149 kilograms. Im only 19 years old and i am overweight since my childhood. I am very happy thanks to my great doctor. I started to a new life 1 month ago 🙂

    Seda Akman
  • Dr. Erol helped me to start a new life. He persuaded my family about sleeve gastrectomy surgery. He is so gentle and trustable. I started with 135 kilograms and now im 125 kilograms at the 6th day of the surgery. I am grateful to Dr. Erol and very happy to met with him.

    Seher Koç
  • In a few words , he is a great doctor, im happy to know him and i believe i made a correct decison to have a surgery. I am delighted.

    Medine Akyüz Sarıbaş